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We will participate and investment in companies with objects of activity in different fields.

investments in energy
real estate
wholesale and retail trade
production and proccesing

We also include activity in the field of construction, excavation, including all types of construction works, designs, import-export installations.
Establishment and creation of Albanian and foreign Companies and Enterprises as well as participation in them.

Administration and management of companies and enterprises; purchasing or disposing of capital participation in corporations, partnerships or companies with objects of various activities; buying and selling shares and quotas or other participations in enterprises and companies, within the limits allowed by the Albanian legislation; purchase, encumbrance, mortgage or transfer of movable and immovable property or other securities.
Urban designs and studies: civil, industrial, tourist, agricultural designs and constructions: 2 environmental studies and Environmental Impact Assessment.
Hydrogeological and geological studies and designs: designs of roads, bridges, tourist ports: electrical engineering designs, hydro-mechanical engineering: constructive designs and supervision of works, restorations, and consulting for the above fields.

To achieve the above purpose we may undertake actions with movable or immovable property and any commercial or financial activity, for rent or mortgage that may be considered useful or necessary in order to achieve the objective of the Company.

In addition to the activities provided above, the activity of the company will include any activity that will be considered by the partners as necessary and appropriate for achieving the object of the company and that is not contrary to Albanian law.


  • Str. Dervishe Hatixhe, Tirane

Investo Group

Investo Group- A development Company
A group of companies with wide business diversification, aiming to exceed clients and project expectations.

Tirana, Albania
(09am - 05 pm)

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